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Ambient Space Music Loops & Samples
Warped Space : Ambient, Space, and Glitch Loops
Ambient, Downtempo, Glitch Hop, Space Music Loops for ACID Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Fruity Loops, Logic Audio, and Reason This special bundle offer combines all three Warped Space releases. 1,180 loops (2gb) in your choice of ACIDized .wav, Recycled .rx2, or Apple-looped .aif - You'll get warped acoustic instruments like Flute and Piano, huge evolving Ambient Beds, Vocals, Guitars, Basses, bubbling Analogue Synths, Pads, Glitched out rhythms, Percussion, Ambient Space, Atonal Noises, Distorted walls of sound, lo fi Effects, hi fi Effects, Arpeggiators, Soundscapes, 8 bit, Organs, Electric Pianos, Bells, Analogue Sequences, and so much more. Ambient, Glitch, Electro, Space Music, Chill Out, and Downtempo. Inspired by Robert Rich, Kompact, Alio Die, Autechre, Waveform, Musical Starstreams, Boards Of Canada, Unkle, M83, Aphex Twin, Funkstorung, Tosca, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Paris Lounge, and Café Del Mar, Bola to name just a few. There is enough material here to create a lifetime of new music and original music. Loops recorded at various tempos and keys. Rex files include data sheets with key and tempo info. ACIDized and Apple-looped 44.1kHz stereo 16 bit DOWNLOAD PRICE $60
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Warped Space Trilogy Demo download trilogy demo.mp3

A = Apple .Aiff W = Acidized .Wav R = Recycle .Rx2

$60 PLP EP Uni Pack Includes
wav, aiff, rx2

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Ambient, Glitch, Electro, Space Music, Chill Out, and Downtempo Loops Warped Space is an Ambient, Glitch, Electro, Space Music, Chill Out, and Downtempo, construction kit. This collection was inspired by Robert Rich, Alio Die, Autechre, Waveform, Musical Starstreams, Boards Of Canada, Unkle, and Bola. You'll find long droning Synths, blippy grooves, ambient textures, and more. 78 (202 MB) Ambient Pads, 33 (224 MB) Ambient Beds, 80 (106 MB) Beats, 42 (58 MB) Sub Basses, 37 (45 MB) Percussive and, Atmospheric Elements, 15 (25 MB) Melodies. 282 Loops & Samples
Warped Space 2 : Ambient Space Music Glitch Loops Warped Space 2 is a complete construction kit for producing Lounge, Ambient, Glitch, Downtempo, and Chill Out. The samples were inspired by groups such as Boards Of Canada, M83, Aphex Twin, Funkstorung, Tosca, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Paris Lounge, and Café Del Mar. Abstract Chords & Hits
Ambient Space, Basses, Distorted Space, Classic Beats, Flutters, Kicks, Percussion, Warped Beats, Warped Percussion, Gated Space, Glitch, Guitars, Keys, Organs, Pads, Synths, Vox, Warped FX 567 loops in total 16 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo .wav .aif and .rx2
Warped Space 3 : Ambient Space Music Glitch Loops Each of the single 386 files comes pre-looped and ready for insertion into your favorite WAV-playing sampler, Sony ACID Pro or Ableton Live. Start with Atmospheric Soundscapes perfect for scoring film or dive deep into the grooves with glitch and downtempo beats. This collection has endless possibilities and it's up to you to put the pieces together. You'll get Vocoded Vocal Treatments, Ambient Beds, Soundscapes, Basses, catchy Synthlines, melodic Sequences, Bells, Pads, and much more.This collection is perfect for Ambient, IDM, Glitch, Downtempo, and Breaks. Speed the loops up to 120 BPMs and you have Minimal House!



Deep Electro House ACIDized wav loops
Deep Electro House

Acidized wav loops - Techno Ambient Synths

Acidized wav loops - NRG Techno Trance

Acidized wav loops - House Breakbeat EBM Downtempo

Acidized loops - Ambient Downtempo Glitch Electro
Warped Space

Acidized wav loops Reason rx2 - Hip Hop Breaks
Digital Drum Unit One

Hip Hop Loops
Hip Hop

Deep House Cafe Soulful House wav samples and loops
Deep House Cafe

PLP Hardstyles wav samples and loops

Techno Trance Blaster wav samples and loops
Techno Trance Blaster

NRG Hard Trance Techno ACIDized wav loops
Tech NRG

PLP Electrofied wav samples and loops

Warped Space II wav samples and loops
Warped Space II

break beat loops
Breakdown Breaks

Hard House Loops
PLP Hard House

Progressive Euro Loops
PLP Progressive Euro

Trance Loops

 PLP Modern German Synths
Modern German Synths
Instantly Download 50 Mb Packs $8.00 ea - 100Mb $12.00 ea




Ambient Guitar Pack 50+mb .wav .aiff .rx2 .aiff

Ambient Trance Pack 01 50+mb .wav .aiff

Breakbeat Trance Kit 01 50+mb .wav .aiff

Breakbeat Trance Kit 02 50+mb .wav .aiff

Country Acoustic Guitars 50+mb .wav .aiff

Drum n Bass Jungle Pack 01 50+mb .wav .aiff

Eastern Chillout Remix Pack 50+mb .wav .aiff

Electro Synths & Grooves ***$12.00 100+ mb .rx2 .wav .aiff

Electronic Tranceference Synths 50+mb .wav .aiff

Euro Synths Pack 01 50+ mb .wav .aiff .mid .aiff

Euro Synths Pack 02 50+ mb .wav .aiff .mid .aiff

Gangsta Crunk Producer's Pack 100+ mb .rx2 .wav .aiff .acd

Glitch Arcade Pack 01 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Happy Hardcore Pack ***$12.00 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Hardcore Gabber Mix ***$12.00 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Hard Trance Loop Pack ***$12.00 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Hip Hop Pack 01 50+ mb .wav .aiff .acd .aiff

Hip Hop Pack 02 50+ mb .wav .aiff .acd .aiff

Latin House Percussion 50+ mb .rx2 .wav .aiff

Minimal Electro House ***$12.00 100+ mb .rx2 .wav .aiff .acd

Reggaeton Dancehall Pack 01 50+ mb .wav .aiff

Reggaeton Dancehall Pack 02 50+ mb .wav .aiff

TB 303 Synths Pack 01 50+ mb .wav .aiff

Tribal House Pack 01 *** $12.00 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Turntable Scratch Samples 50+ mb .wav .aiff

Universal Club Leads Loop Pack 100+ mb .wav .aiff

Urban Street Mix Pack 50+ mb .wav .aiff .acd .aiff

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Starting at $8.00 for 50mb
PLP Downloads - Royalty Free audio samples and loops for instant download. Download packs consist of 16 bit 44.1kHz sound files available in ACIDized .wav, aif, and .rx2 format. You'll get loops and samples in every pack.  Some also include a bonus demo track in .acd format (Sony ACID Pro project file).


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