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Remix Karmacoda's - All That Depth. This contest will allow you the opportunity to remix Karmacoda's new song All That Depth from the new album Evidence. The best remix wins tons of great prizes including Ableton Live 3 and the opportunity to be included in the new Karmacoda remix CD.

The Band

Karmacoda began as a collective effort between three musicians in search of something new. That something started when founding members Brett "B." Crockett, Bruce Fulford and Heather Pierce were chatting over drinks in a San Francisco tiki bar, and realized their mutual trip hop/drum 'n bass obsession. A few months earlier B. had played Bruce some new music he had written in an attempt to explore new electronic, musical territory. Bruce quickly took to the tracks, expressing interest in being a part of the project. While working on the instrumentals both B. and Bruce agreed that adding vocals would complete the sound they were going for.

B. and Bruce didn't have to sway Heather, restless and on the lookout for a fresh venture, into checking out the music they had been working on. A few weeks later the trio met at B's home studio. Their meeting resulted in the hauntingly beautiful track, "Frail" and what would become many evenings spent writing and recording Karmacoda's debut album, "reco mended".

During the recording process, official band roles were mutable, defining themselves per track, with everyone writing parts for each other as well as themselves. For Karmacoda, creating "reco mended" was like crafting a cool art project -- much more about reflecting a certain time and space in life than being concerned with commerce.

The summer 2001 release of "reco mended" garnered an overwhelming, positive response and a happily surprised Karmacoda began receiving inquiries as to when the new group would perform live. Because Karmacoda began primarily as a studio project, the challenges and limitations of playing the material live were not a primary concern during writing and recording. Following Bruce's move to Los Angeles, Heather and B. started work on creating the live show. B. called upon friend and San Francisco bassist Brian Templeton. Brian, already a fan of the music, eagerly joined them in rehearsals. To maintain maximum sonic flexibility and remain true to their new sound, what the band ideally needed was a DJ possessing a strong musical sensibility and who was comfortable spinning alongside other live musicians. It seemed almost karmic as B. soon met DJ Rafael Acevedo, also looking to become involved in a group like Karmacoda.

Expressing very human issues and emotions through very processed sound is what Karmacoda does best. The perfect aural escape from our ultra-commercialized planet. Visit Karmacoda's website CLICK HERE


The Prizes:
. Ableton Live 3
. Audio Plug Ins CSI
. Advanced Reason Power
. LA Riot Sample CD
. Dsound RT Player Pro & Stompin' FX
. Mixmeister 5
. PLP Disco Tech Loop CD

The Tools:
Karmacoda - All That Depth (original mix) MP3
Vocals and samples 01 .zip
Vocals and samples 02 .zip

The Rules:
. The contest begins Friday, December 5th, 2003.
. All entries must be fully uploaded by midnight PST on Thrusday, February 5th, 2004.
. Only one entry per contest can be submitted. Cheaters will be disqualified.
. This contest is open to citizens of all countries.
. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age.
. Entrants must provide a web friendly format of their entry(.mp3, .wma, .ram, etc.).
. Entrants must provide accurate contact information for the purpose of contacting winners.

How To Enter:
. Download the vocals and samples.
. Start remixing!
. Click on the link below which states "I HAVE READ THE TERMS ABOVE".
. You will then be taken to Synthvox.com.
. Register your information. (a valid email address is required)
. Post your remix at Synthvox.com after confirming your information.

Questions + Comments? CLICK HERE

Anyone affiliated with the sponsors, companies, and their relatives involved may not enter. The competition starts December 5th, 2003 and is open to the entire globe. All entries must be fully uploaded by midnight CST on February 5th, 2004. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age. Registration is required to participate and to download content. Entrants must provide accurate contact information. A valid remix must contain some or all of the a capella vocals from "All That Depth ". A valid remix must be no longer than 4-6 minutes in length. Entrants may use the downloadable loops and samples provided by Karmacoda and Peaceloveproductions. Entrants may also create their own original music. The use of unauthorized audio and/or music is prohibited by law. 2 Finalists and 1 winner will be chosen by Karmacoda. The loops, vocals, and music from "All That Depth" can be used for this contest only. Any use of this material outside of this contest is in violation of copyrights owned by Karmacoda.



All rights reserved PLP and Karmacoda

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